As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another... 1 Peter 4:10

Christ Centered Career Groups - C3G

Watch the above video to learn all about C3G.

Christ Centered Career Groups are designed as a system of support, encouragement and networking for those in need of career search help. C3G has transformed the career search process for thousands of job seekers by providing practical, personal, and spiritual support in the unemployment journey.

*Please utilize the career search help found on this website, but also consider joining or starting up your own Christ Centered Career Group in your area.  We believe it will transform your career search and your life.  

This website provides guidance and tools for individuals to start a Christ Centered Career Group wherever you are. We invite you to use the materials for your greatest benefit.

Mondays 7:45am

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 For more information contact: information@C3G.org